Experiential Learning in the Slate Valley

Our Vision states: “All students are engaged in rigorous, authentic, experiential, individualized learning that is supported or accelerated to ensure that they meet or exceed standards.”

In keeping with our vision, we are continually working to improve our ability to engage our students in experiential learning. From July 15-17 a group of educators from Slate Valley attended Northeastern University’s NExT conference (The Network for Experiential Teaching and Learning Summer Convening) in Boston.

From the NExT Summer Convening brochure:

“At the 2019 Summer Convening, we will take everything from our last two years of growth, iteration, and reflection to engage and focus on shared ideas with direct application to your work: Presenters will INSPIRE by sharing their journeys; Members will CONNECT in large and small settings across intersections of work and identity; and participants will LEARN & CREATE--all aiming to improve our practices and create momentum to the experiential learning movement. Your presence and energy are impacting education in both large and small ways. We welcome you and hope you have a TRANSFORMATIVE experience with us here in Boston!”

As members of NExT, these Slate Valley educators will be able to maintain and expand their network connections through engagement with the NExT Commons virtual platform. This platform provides access to resources, affinity groups, and webinars led by leaders in the field. The goal for our group is to build their own networks from people they meet at NExT and further their understanding and application of experiential learning in our classrooms throughout the Slate Valley.

To learn more about NExT at Northeastern University, please view this video.