First Annual Blue Sock Day

Working within school-wide PBIS celebrations, and focusing on continuing prevention work, FHUHS held its first annual Slater  Blue Sock Day on June 11th.

Flyers with blue socks on them, each featuring a fact about e-cigarettes/ vaping/ nicotine as well as helpline info were posted around Fair Haven.  

After a difficult year, Slater Nation gathered together, all wearing custom made blue socks. Blue and white are our school colors and we wanted to show ourselves, each other and the rest of Rutland County that Slaters are strong, resilient and connected. We also wanted to use this opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of e cigarettes. 

In 2021, the WHO launched a 'blue ribbon' campaign to inform about tobacco smoke's harms. We did our own Slater spin on that initiative, and dedicated June 11 as Blue Sock Day. The hope is that each year this will grow and grow, and bring awareness to different issues of concern within our community. Thank you to everyone who helped us kick off Blue Sock Day!