Program of Studies

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The Program of Studies for 2020-2021 is a valuable tool that should be used to initiate dialogue between students, parents, teachers and school counselors. This dialogue is essential for students as they plan their course selection for the upcoming school year. Conversations should involve post-secondary plans; course selection can support and prepare students for a wide range of post-secondary options. The program of studies outlines the graduation requirements for the classes of 2020 and beyond. More courses are listed in the Program of Studies than will be offered at Fair Haven Union High School. An attempt to accommodate as many selections as possible will be made, but the final course offerings will be based on student interest. 

The process of course selection requires careful thought and consideration. It is imperative that students spend time reading the Program of Studies and talking with teachers, parents/guardians and your school counselor. 

Students will have the opportunity to discuss appropriate course enrollment with their teachers, parents and school counselors. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor to discuss courses needed to meet graduation requirements and appropriately address post-graduation options. It is expected that students will have carefully chosen their course selections and the need to alter schedules after final selection will be reduced. 

Each course listed contains a description of the course, and prerequisites (if any). Students are encouraged to explore academic interests through selection of a diverse course load. Students need to be an active participant in their education and that begins with academic planning and course selection. 

The School Counseling department looks forward to a successful academic year.