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Slate Valley

Slate Valley, 1 day ago

You're Invited!

Join us as we explore real-time data from the youth in Slate Valley. Working together we can break through barriers to help our youth thrive.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Castleton University
The Casella Theater, Fine Arts Building

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Amy Roy

Amy Roy, 4 days ago

A HUGE shout out to Sam Batholomew for getting information to the plow drivers! Thank you to Chris Cole Director of Operations @ SVUVT and Casey O'Meara Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment @ SVUVT, for driving to stuck buses and delivering kiddos safely home!!!!!!! Thank you Kris Benway Director of Special Education @ SVUVT for being the channel between the Central Office, Chris/Casey and the school! Thank you to Pam Arel Admin Asst. for staying late and manning the radios and phone! It takes a village and fortunately our village extends far and wide! I am hanging out with 3 🐻s back at the school until the roads clear and we are having a blast!!!!!

Amy Roy

Amy Roy, 5 days ago

First and second-grade 🐻s are using differentiated workplace stations to practice addition and subtraction. They practiced teaching each other their games!

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