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Slate Valley, 2 days ago

Dear Slate Valley Families,

I hope this letter finds you well. As we head into April break I would like to update you on new Guidelines released from the Agency of Education yesterday, April 8th. These guidelines are part of Vermont’s Reopening Plan. Starting on April 19th all students will need to be screened at home. We will not be doing temperature checks in schools. We will no longer require the form for entrance to school each day per the state guidelines. We ask that you continue to check temperatures and check for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and keep children home that have even 1 symptom. The Department of Health guidelines remain the same in managing illness. Please call your child’s school nurse with any questions as they can guide you in safe school attendance.

Additionally schools are now required to follow ACCD guidelines and Vermont’s Reopening Plan as such there is no quarantine requirement for travel. However, if your unvaccinated child does travel you are required to obtain a COVID test within 72 hours of return. Your child will be able to continue to attend school if symptom free. If you have planned travel, we encourage you to sign up on the Department of Health website for return testing before you leave and as the site allows. Documentation of the negative test may be required if a case of COVID-19 occurs in the school and your child is considered a close contact. Physician offices for the most part will not perform testing unless your child is symptomatic. Please continue practicing the best prevention measures of mask wearing, 6 foot distancing and hand cleansing during your travels to remain healthy and safe.

Social distancing has moved to 3 feet for all students with the exception of 7-12 students when eating. That will remain at 6 feet. Contact tracing is still determined based on the 6 foot standard so we will continue to keep all 7-12 students 6 feet apart whenever feasible. Adults will still need to maintain the 6 feet social distancing.

Masks continue to be required of students and staff at all times in the buildings regardless of vaccination status.

For more information please visit the Department of Health and websites for more detailed and specific information on travel, quarantine, and vaccines. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections are very helpful.

I know this has been a hard road this year and your support for the school district has been very much appreciated. I truly hope you have a wonderful week with your children next week.


Brooke Olsen-Farrell

Slate Valley

Slate Valley, 3 days ago

Congratulations to Sue Cornell and Annie Crumb, who were honored yesterday at the 40th Annual Outstanding Teacher Day!

From the program:

Susan Cornell
Fair Haven Union High School
Sue Cornell epitomizes everything that is good and right in the teaching profession. In the 34 years prior to the Covid pandemic, Margaret Susan Cornell enforced creativity, caring, flexibility, and professional dedication. Direct instruction aside, the students in her care know exactly what is expected of them. The personalization, the knowing and understanding of her students creates a hospitable learning environment and relationships which come before content and learning. Among her colleagues she is the complete and competent leader. Department chair, EST director, and union representative are a few earned titles but more than these she has the respect and admiration of her peers.

Anna Crumb
Castleton Village School
Anna (Annie) Crumb is an outstanding middle-school ELA teacher at Castleton Village School in Castleton, Vermont. Mrs. Crumb primarily works with students that are in 6th and 7th grade and her classes are full of fun and opportunity. Mrs. Crumb’s students always have multiple projects going at one time and learn valuable skills in organizing and prioritizing tasks. Mrs. Crumb uses a number of different projects and online activities to allow students to learn reading and writing and to make connections between class and the world outside of school. Castleton Village School is very proud of our outstanding teacher, Annie Crumb!

You may view the complete program here:

Slate Valley

Slate Valley, 4 days ago

Basketball is over, but now it is time for the season honors and our Slaters earned so much well-deserved recognition. We are happy to report the list is long! Congrats to all our amazing athletes!

Rutland Herald Players of the Year:
Kohlby Murray
Ryleigh Coloutti (shared with M. McKearin, Proctor)

Vermont Basketball Coaches Association:
Player of the Year: Ryleigh Coloutti

Senior All Stars Girls D I-II: Courtney Brewster, Emma Briggs, Abby Brown, Zoey Cole, Ryleigh Coloutti

Senior All Stars Boys D I-II: Zach Ellis, Kohlby Murray

Dream Dozen Boys D I-II (non-seniors): Sawyer Ramey

Coach of the Year, Girls D II: Kyle Wilson

1,000 Point Scorers: Ryleigh Coloutti (1,459)

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Slate Valley

Slate Valley, 6 days ago

Dodge House Donation Drive - A FHUHS Student’s R.E.A.L. Project

Please view the flyer here for more information:

This drive is being held by the Slate Valley Unified School District. We hope to raise awareness of homeless Veterans, and support the Dodge House in Rutland, which "provides shelter, clothing, food, and an individualized program to reintegrate veterans back into the community and help them to achieve self­ sufficiency" (

Donation boxes will be located in the front offices of all Slate Valley schools from March 29th and April 25th.