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Slate Valley

Slate Valley, about 4 hours ago

Dan sincerely deserves every complimentary remark he receives today for his tireless commitment to ARSU now Slate Valley spanning years of service. He was never an 8 to 5 guy but one who was there before and after especially if a job needed to be finished properly. Meticulous and thorough were always his guidelines and the ultimate goal for every task. No task was ever too small for Dan to ignore or to complete to satisfaction.

Teamwork and loyalty were hallmarks of Dan’s tenure. Dan willingly pulled his weight as a team member for all his schools. His work ethic clearly reflected the successes one finds when working collaboratively with co-workers and administrators. Dan motivated others with an energetic and invested attitude sparking a can do attitude. Dan set the bar and aspired to meet it each and every day.

Dan enjoyed his work and articulated that daily in words and action. These attributes made Dan a prized catch for any school throughout his years in the district. Dedicated, thorough, self-motivated, knowledgeable and willing to give more than hundred percent each day. It was my pleasure to have Dan on the FHGS team. It was our good fortune to have him for the years we did.

Dan, you can move into a much deserved retirement knowing you left a memorable impact on everyone you met because of the impeccable career you had. You left everything you touched in much better condition than it was before you arrived. Best wishes my friend, and Congratulations on a Stellar Career! WTC

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Slate Valley

Slate Valley, about 6 hours ago

Shaun Ketcham worked here at Fair Haven Union High School for twenty years after his tenure at Mill River.

Over the years, he taught Physical Science, Earth Science, Vermont Ecology, Biology, Honors Biology, Advanced Placement Biology, and Conceptual Chemistry. He was department chair for most of that time. Shaun is well respected and loved with students and staff alike.

He will be missed by all. We wish him a happy retirement.

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Slate Valley

Slate Valley, about 21 hours ago

Curt Hier has been a member of the FHUHS faculty since the fall of 1986. A Middlebury College graduate, Curt was hired right out of school and began his career in the social studies department. In his tenure at the high school Curt has coached golf, debate team, and has been the student council advisor. When asked what his favorite moments were in his career, he stated that Speech and Debate was, “like a box of chocolates” and that some of his best and most proud moments as a teacher were watching students succeed in that course.

A two-time teacher of the year (1991 and 2000) Curt went on to achieve his MA in education from Castleton University and has always been a vocal member of the department. Best known for his tall stature, endless jokes, and his love of diet Doctor Pepper, Curt has been a familiar face for classes upon classes of students. When reminiscing about the “old days” Curt remarked how much teaching has changed since the good old days of paper/pencil gradebooks of ‘86, and how even after all this time he will miss the school traditions of footballs games and hotdogs, Slaterbration, Winter Carnival, and seeing the special kids each class has to offer.

Upon his retirement Curt plans to take part in some spring and fall golf tournaments, and enjoy time with his cat, Cornelius. When asked what it meant to be a teacher he said, “It’s who I am, not what I do,” and that he, “leaves his parking spot to Kyle Ruby and his MESSY room to Ashleigh Sanborn.”

Congratulations on your retirement Mr. Curt Hier!

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Slate Valley

Slate Valley, about 23 hours ago

Skip Fenton was a dedicated musician, and music teacher. His passion for Jazz was infectious, and he encouraged his students to write their own music, and improvise during concerts.

Skip was able to make connections with his students, and pushed each student to achieve their own musical goals. During his time at Castleton, Skip would frequently make his music room available to students who needed a quiet and safe space to be. Skip also led the marching band that would play on Memorial Day, and also provided music for assemblies and 8th grade graduations ceremonies.

Thank you Skip for sharing your passion for music, and for our students!

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