District Alumni Spotlight

FHUHS Class of 2010 alumnus Patrick Infurna quoted Hemingway, saying, "The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for…” He continued, “This quote from For Whom the Bell Tolls has always stood out to me. It is my reminder to stay the course, remain unjaded by circumstance, and to always look out for each other.” This philosophy has brought him opportunity and success since graduating high school thirteen years ago. 

While at Fair Haven Union High School, Patrick participated on the soccer and wrestling teams. He gave credit to many great teachers in his time from Kindergarten to grade 12, but Mr. Luzer, the high school librarian, was the most influential. “I don’t think I realized how much of my time spent in the library with him was proper mentorship, and I’m grateful.” He said, “Candidly, I just wasn’t a very good student, at least not when I was a teenager, and Mr. Luzer just let me be myself in the library. He encouraged me to use the resources we had there to learn things in ways that worked for me. He spoke to me the way I needed to be spoken to in order to understand, and I think all-in-all Mr. Luzer was a friend.” 

Patrick attended Castleton State College, now Castleton University, where he double-majored in Global Studies and Spanish. This focus led him to study abroad in Argentina. Upon graduation, Patrick decided to seek employment in his other passion–soccer. In 2015, he started working for Club Atletico Boca Juniors (CABJ) in Brooklyn, New York. CABJ is the largest professional soccer team in Argentina. Patrick helped establish a US-based office. Next, he worked for COPA90, a soccer media business headquartered in London with an office in New York City, traveling the world to create documentaries about professional soccer culture. Patrick currently works for a professional soccer team from Germany called Eintracht Frankfurt in its International Communications department; he markets the team in the United States. He also co-founded a minor league soccer team in Burlington, VT, called Vermont Green FC. His club prioritizes environmental justice and climate action in all of its operations. Vermont Green FC is working to expand soccer access throughout the state of Vermont. Patrick’s future plans are to continue working in the sports industry, focusing on using this medium to advance social and environmental justice. 

When asked if Patrick had any words of encouragement for our current Slaters, he gave three great responses: 
“1. Don’t worry too much about timelines. Be vigilant in your pursuit of your passions and of knowledge, but don’t think you need to have everything figured out at any given moment. So much is in the process - enjoy it.”
“2. Rugged individualism is not real life: you don’t have to do anything alone. Everything we are was built with the help of others. On whatever path you take, always look to the collective: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues. Ask for help, give it when you can, be grateful, and express as much.”
“3. Start a band in high school and book shows in your garages.” 

Patrick acknowledges his family and friends for their constant support, and added, “If you’re reading this, come to a Vermont Green FC game sometime and check it out!”