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FY24 Budget

We will continue to update this page throughout the year as budget information and resources become available. For now, we invite you to view our FY24 Budget Development Guide.

Slate Valley Budget Development Guide

What We Do (Mission):
We are dedicated to the academic excellence of every student by empowering them with the means for the successful completion of standards, and by challenging them to be productive members of our global society. We are committed to a comprehensive system of support to ensure each student has the opportunity to develop the skills and talents necessary for college and career readiness.

Where We Want to Be (Vision):
All students are engaged in academically-rigorous, real, hands-on, individualized learning that is supported or accelerated to ensure that they meet or exceed standards.

What We Believe In:

  • In providing for the holistic education of every child so that they feel connected, safe, and respected in order to ensure student achievement.

  • In providing a challenging and engaging atmosphere in which all members of the school community can learn and grow.

  • In providing opportunities for inquiry, research, global collaboration, and communication through hands-on learning.

  • In providing varied, rich, and personalized opportunities for learning.

  • In providing experiences to develop critical thinking skills that allow students to become engaged participants in their school communities and beyond.

What We Want to Accomplish:

  1. Develop College and Career Readiness by ensuring equal access to academically-rigorous curriculum and instruction, closely monitoring individual student progress, and attending to the social and emotional needs of all students

  2. Establish Community Engagement, Service, and Partnerships by providing valuable, relevant, engaging and inclusive learning experiences for a global economy

  3. Proactively Manage Productive School Environments continuing fiscal accountability for operational efficiencies and the alignment of human, financial, and physical resources throughout the District

  4. Maintain a focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining exemplary educators and leveraging their expertise throughout the district.

In Slate Valley we continue to be committed to a transparent and equitable budget process.  We look for ways to improve our transparency each year with an eye towards our district priorities of Community Engagement, College/Career Readiness, Staff Retention/Recruitment, and Fiscal Accountability.  We want to ensure that all of our students have access to appropriate resources. 

Additionally, as a result of the pandemic schools have been faced with unprecedented challenges in the areas of attendance, learning recovery, infrastructure needs and staff retention.  Schools have received federal funding to deal with these challenges in the short term.  In Slate Valley we received approximately $7.27 million over 3 years to deal with urgent issues. Grant funding is coming to end, or decreasing, and many of the academic and behavioral intervention supports for students will be impacted.

View the complete FY24 Budget Development Guide.