Slate Valley IDEA Fair

Ever wonder what your child’s teachers actually do on early release days? On our recent October 17th early release day, Slate Valley educators participated in the Slate Valley IDEA Fair.

The goal and purpose of the Fair was to inspire each educator, as we share and discuss implementation of differentiated instruction through proficiency-based learning. It was also an opportunity (in a relaxed, collegial environment) to highlight best practices associated with proficiency-based learning and to recognize all of the great work that happens in Slate Valley Unified Union School District.

The IDEA Fair provided an overview and visual of something great happening in Slate Valley classrooms. Educators walked around, science fair-style and conversed with colleagues regarding their experience designing, implementing, and evaluating student learning in Slate Valley’s proficiency-based learning model.

Slate Valley educators also participated in Slate Valley Teaching & Learning Workshops that day. The goal and purpose of these sessions were to engage in an interactive share of differentiated instruction through proficiency-based learning – providing voice and choice to educators. This was an exciting opportunity to highlight all of the great teaching and learning that happens in our district.

This video captures some of the scenes from the Slate Valley IDEA Fair & Workshop Sessions.